Lasting, durable and beautiful flooring. Steward Mellon, based in Tampa Florida, has completed terrazzo flooring projects for over 100 years. Our commercial, industrial and residential terrazzo flooring projects are diverse and hold a wide range of complexity. We partner with the best companies for aggregates and materials to ensure lasting designs, and accurate budgeting.

Public Art Terrazzo Projects

For years, we've worked with public art agencies, universities, cities, airports, and privately owned buildings to realize long lasting designs created by architects and world known artists alike. Our expertise and experience, as well as an understanding in the economic value of public art, allow us to work through the minutia of complex projects from concept, budgeting, to completion.

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Precast Terrazzo Projects

Whether a countertop, vertical sculpture, stairs, or another uncommon application, our years of experience in precast terrazzo will allow your project receive the beautiful, and lasting surface it deserves.

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We complete all of our projects to specifications and industry standards as described by the National Terrazzo & Mosiac Association.

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