precast terrazzo Projects

Vortex - Susan Gott - Gott Glass

The following excerpt is from the Studio of Susan Gott: for her completed art piece at the University of Tampa. Steward Mellon was contracted and worked with Susan to fabricate the pre-cast terrazzo base for this piece. "VORTEX" 2019 © Susan Gott, Hot cast, cobalt glass, using rigid sand mold, with hand-made inclusions, hand-ground and polished, hand-wrought steel, silver leaf, LED lighting, with black terrazzo base. Photo Credit: George Blanchette Photography ...

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Opal Sands

This 230-room resort hotel is built on the last available beachfront site in Clearwater Beach, FL, in full view of the Gulf of Mexico. The harmonious design integrates blue glass tints, gray stone, white stucco, and wood accents for a clean, contemporary vibe. Installers worked with owners and the design team from the beginning to select terrazzo colors for the lively circular pattern of the floor, which is echoed in the ceiling. Thirty-nine different terrazzo samples were made prior to the final selection of five colors. ...

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