Community Bank Terrazzo Floor


Community Bank Terrazzo Floor

by: Mark Naugle

When Wannemacher Jensen Architects wanted a sleek, white, elegant floor, they thought of terrazzo. n the age of social media, where a company’s face may be solely relegated to Twitter and Facebook posts, Community Bank strives to bridge the on-line experience with the off-line experience. This new, flagship branch is located along Beach Drive in St. Petersburg, FL and houses five specific zones within the facility. The programmable LED lights splash onto an impeccable white canvas of compound curving forms, reminiscent of Apple products, thus becoming a visual barometer for the company’s brand, mood, social awareness and public relations.

Steward-Mellon worked closely with the architect to translate their concept for the space into the floor. To accentuate the compound curves of the walls, integral poured in place terrazzo cove base was chosen. The vertical leg of the base actually follows the angle of the wall above. The base was carried into the carpeted zones with a 12" wide floor border. A small percentage of plastic aggregate (green, in the bank's logo color) was used in the predominantly white design mix.

It was a pleasure working with Wannemacher Jensen on this wonderful project. They have a great writeup and photos on their website.